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WVU has partnered with Talkspace, an online therapy service that connects users to a dedicated therapist from a secure, HIPAA compliant platform. Talkspace is available at no cost to all WVU students.

Get Started with TalkSpace
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Self Screening Tool

The Carruth Center offers an online mental health screening tool through a partnership with the Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH).

Online Mental Health Screening
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Carruth Center Student Resources

Find support services, community support groups, self care tips and more online resources.

Resource list
what to do if

Common Student Scenarios

Student often seek counseling or advice for similar issues. Read our list of common questions and solutions.

What to Do If...
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Mental Health Apps

No matter where you are when anxiety, stress or depression kicks up a notch, you can have a coping resource at your fingertips. 

Mental Health Apps
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Carruth Center Monthly Newsletters

Read monthly updates focusing on mental health from experts at the Carruth Center. 

Carruth Center newsletters

Let's Chat

Let's Chat provides easy access to informal, drop-in consultation with counselors from Carruth. Meetings are free, one-time, and no longer than 20 minutes.

Mondays from 4:00-6:00 PM, different location each week

See Let's Chat schedule

RESOURCES by topic

Browse resource lists and support options by topic.

MANaging stress

44.9% of college students experience “more than average” levels of stress. Use these resources to find balance.

ChillPACK Daily Activity

Do one activity a day and watch your productivity and perspective change for the better!

Try chillPACK

Stress Management Tips

We are here for you at WellWVU and have several tips to help reduce your stress levels!

Stress Management from WellWVU

Self Care Tips

A list of resources put together by the Carruth Center to promote self care. 

Self Care Tips

Sleep Resources

Did you know that your sleep schedule can have an impact on your stress levels?

Sleep Resources

wellbeing wheel

Wellbeing is multi-dimensional. What aspect of wellbeing do you want to explore? Check out more well-being resources to help you achieve a sense of balance in emotion, thoughts and pursuits.


Resources to help you achieve a sense of balance in emotion, thoughts and pursuits.


Caring for your body through regular movement and balanced nutrition and sleep.


Learning to effectively manage your money and seek out resources to support financial goals.


Building strong relationships, connections, and support systems with others, including coworkers and students.


Liking what you do and being motivated to expand your sense of purpose and meaning.

student perspectives

Listen to WVU's Presidential Student Ambassadors as they share resources, tips and unique insights into student mental health. 

Watch the full playlist 

PSA Mental Health Talks

Help is Only One Text Away

Campus Resources: The Carruth Center

Advice from My Experience with Mental Health

Building a Healthy Day