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counseling Services

WVU provides a variety of counseling and therapy services. 

the Carruth Center

Carruth Center Main Office

For currently enrolled students, the Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CCCPS) is the go-to on-campus provider for group, individual and couples counseling.

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BeWell Satellite Office

BeWell is an extension of the Carruth Center. Similar to the Carruth Center, BeWell offers compassionate, confidential behavioral wellness services to undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

BeWell’s role is to provide mental health services to students in Health Sciences majors.

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Athletics Clinical and Sport Psychology Satellite Office

The Athletics Clinical and Support Psychology satellite office provides mental health counseling and performance enhancement training to individual student-athletes and teams.

Additionally, the Clinical and Sport Psychology team offers student-athlete support groups and prevention and wellness education to WVU student-athletes and athletic department personnel including coaches, administration and sports medicine staff.

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healthy minds university

HMU Main Office

Working in partnership with the Carruth Center, Healthy Minds University (HMU) provides more extended outpatient psychiatric treatment and therapy services for students referred there.

HMU does not replace the services that the Carruth Center offers, but instead supplements and serves as an additional entry point into the system to ensure access is met.

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additional Services

medical care 

Student Health

WVU Student Health Services and Urgent Cares provide acute and preventative healthcare services to the WVU students and community. Visit WVU Medicine Student Health for a wellness visit, physical, vaccinations and more.

Student Health
Mountaineer Pharmacy

Mountaineer Pharmacy provides prescription services (including delivery via mail) and carries a selection of over-the-counter medications and supplies.

Mountaineer Pharmacy

Emergency Room

If you or someone you know needs urgent medical care, please go immediately to your nearest emergency room. If you are unable to get to the closest hospital, call 911 right away. 

J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital
1 Medical Center Drive
Morgantown, WV 26505

Emergency Room Directions

Resources and support


Delivering comprehensive wellness education to all WVU students. We aim to educate and empower students to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

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WVU Collegiate Recovery Program

Through activities centered around health, wellness, adventure, community, service, and fun, the WVU CRP's goal is to provide the support and resources necessary for students to thrive in their recovery and develop meaning and purpose as they move forward in life.

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regional Campuses

Potomac State

Potomac State College Student Health and Counseling Services assists students in maintaining healthful wellbeing through emergency services, counseling, the student health center and additional resources and programs. 

Potomac State Health and Counseling Services
WVU Tech

WVU Tech Counseling Services offers emergency services, counseling, addiction services and more resources to support students during their time on campus.  

WVU Tech Counseling Services